Hormonal Disorders

Each woman had heard of such a thing as a hormonal disturbance. This rather unpleasant disease that can not be ignored.

So, let us look at this issue a little more detail.

1. Appearance. Improper operation of the hormonal system influences the appearance of a woman. Hair can fall out, nails – to become more brittle, and the skin becomes unhealthy shade.
2. Reproductive system. If hormones are developed properly, it can affect a woman’s reproductive function. Heavily pregnant woman or she can not bear fruit.
3. Rash. With an excess of male hormones in the female body can cause rashes, as well as excess vegetation on the body.
4. Weight. If there is weight fluctuations, in one or the other side, it can also indicate a hormonal problem.
5. Vision. Very often a person can worsen vision. Many will be surprised, but the problem again lies in hormones.

To remedy the situation, you need to consult a doctor. The doctor will prescribe the necessary list of analyzes. After that, we can talk about further actions and the course of treatment.

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