Hormones and Overweight

Currently, one of the most common methods of contraception are – hormonal tablets. However, many women are afraid for their weight. I want to say that modern contraceptives is almost no effect on the weight of the woman. However, you need to follow some simple guidelines.

1. Weight Control. Weigh yourself regularly, to know the exact number before taking the pills and after. To do this, buy home scales.
2. Diet. Eat right. Prefer boiled and baked food. From fried is best abandoned.
3. Sport. Regularly visit the gym. A woman should move a lot, to be in great shape.
4. Snack. If you want to eat between meals, preference should be given to: fruits, vegetables, dairy products. Sandwich – this is not the product that you want to use.
5. Delete. So, if the decision is made to use hormonal contraceptives, then eliminate from the diet: salt, soda, fries, sweets, smoked dishes.

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