How Better to Replenish the Body With Vitamins

15111615Today in pharmacies has a large selection of vitamins, which are recommended to be used in the spring, when at this time in vegetables and fruit is practically not retained useful elements.

But autumn is just the time of year when there is an opportunity to replenish your body with vitamins, amino acids and all the nutrients from food.

To do this, as much as possible to include in the diet of fruits and vegetables.

If adults understand the benefits of such a diet, the children often refuse some healthy dishes. For example, the best breakfast is oatmeal, and to your child ate it with pleasure, add the banana, orange and walnuts. And for him to have an appetite, with the help of their original place them on a plate with porridge.

With regard to drink for children, the best would be the juice squeezed from fresh fruit, and sending him to school, do not forget to put it a couple of apples, pre-washed thoroughly. It would be useful snack.

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