How Can Extend their Life?

Everyone wants to live a long time. This is absolutely normal desire, because no one wants to grow old. But in order to live long, you need to follow simple rules (most likely all of them know) – proper diet, regular exercise, tempering.

In addition to this there are still some secrets. So, what else is there to do in order to live a long life?

1. Movement. The more a person is on the move, the better. This will protect the heart from heart attack and stroke. Try to always spend time outdoors. Remember the childhood. It was great to play active games outdoors.
2. Cholesterol. Always need to control blood cholesterol levels. If it is raised, it needs to be reduced, since it clogs the vessels. This will lead to increased pressure in the future.
3. Blood pressure. You always have to know the performance of its pressure. It is very important.
4. Sugar. Keep track of the level of blood sugar. This indicator helps to identify diabetes at an early stage.
5. Smoking. Give up smoking. This addiction is killing the people inside.

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