How Correctly to “Seize” Stress?

Now, we need to figure out which products to eat stress. The thing is that women are most often used to doing this with sweets, ice cream. But all these products are very high in calories. And this does not benefit the figure. In this regard, I want to provide a list of products that you can eat without fear for centimeters at the waist.

1. Dried fruits. Instead of sweets, you can safely eat dried fruit. They contain a lot of useful substances.
2. Honey. Eat honey. It contains so many useful microelements that a person can not only relieve stress, but also improve his health.
3. Nuts. Nuts need to eat every day. Take this as a rule – eat one or two nuts in the morning. Nuts are a source of energy.

Eat right so that you do not have problems with being overweight.

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