How Do I Start to Eat Properly?

Everyone should know that the security of his health – this is the correct and balanced diet. Of course, to live in the present realities and to eat properly is quite difficult. There are many temptations, from which it is sometimes difficult to give up (fast-food pizzerias), but with a strong desire – nothing is impossible.

So, you start to eat properly?

1. Breakfast. The first meal is important for the body. How would you not in a hurry to work, do not give up breakfast.
2. Fractional power. Remember that the foundation of health – a split meals. This means that the portions need to distribute evenly.
3. Protein. Do not forget that the protein is useful for the organism. It should be eaten every day. It is found in meat, cheese, eggs.
4. Sweets. This is the product that brings only extra kilos. Give them the benefit of dried fruits.
5. Unsaturated fats. This type of fat found mostly in oils and oily fish. It is useful and can not give it up.

Eat well and live long!

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