How Do you Sleep Well?

Everyone is well aware of how important a dream for a man. But in the world of modern technology people began to forget that there is nothing more important than sleep. You always want to go a little longer usually sit at the computer. Only no one is aware that it can lead to tragic consequences. Lack of sleep has a negative impact on the nervous system. Everything starts with irritability, bad moods, and then end with depression.

So, how do sleep well?

1. Time. Try every day to go to bed at the same time. Teach respect the body. At first it will be difficult, and then did not notice themselves with chime will go to bed.
2. Tea. Peppermint tea works wonders. Brew yourself a small cup of tea. You will sleep like a baby.
3. Bathroom. For 2-3 hours before bedtime is useful to take a bath. Such a procedure will help to relax as much as possible and to prepare the body for sleep.

Dear readers, remember that sleep – is the foundation of our lives. Discard the evening watching TV and computer games.

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