How does Alcohol and Smoking on the Female Body?

Everyone knows about the harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol. Unfortunately, women today abuse addictions equal footing with men. This is very dangerous, because alcohol and smoking kills woman inside.

So, what has a negative impact on a woman’s body smoking?

1. Beauty. Smoking causes irreparable damage to female beauty. The nails become yellow and brittle and dull hair. Very often, they begin to fall.
2. Immunity. Smokers often suffer from a weakened immune system. In this regard, female smokers often suffer from colds and bronchitis.
3. Bodies. Smoking negatively affects the heart, lungs, liver.

How does alcohol affect a woman’s health?

1. Liver. Disrupted liver. Because of this, the eyes may purchase proteins yellow.
2. Vienna. Because alcohol veins become less elastic. This means that they can expand.
3. Absorption of nutrients. A person who abuses alcohol, not getting enough nutrients because of the violation of their absorption.

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