How Does Julia Vysotskaya Feed in the Winter?

Everyone knows that Julia Vysotskaya knows a lot about proper nutrition. She is the leading culinary show on one of the Russian channels. This woman is very popular. She travels a lot and brings recipes of many dishes from different countries. In this case, the famous presenter always tells the nuances of cooking.

So, let’s find out how to eat in the winter ?! What does Julia Vysotskaya think about this?

1. More energy. In winter, you need to eat more legumes (lentils, peas). Undoubtedly, during this period it is impossible to forget about meat. These products will help cope with lethargy and bad mood. Give your body a normal amount of nutrients so that it has energy.
2. Vitamins. Of course, we can not fail to mention the use of vitamins. They help ensure that immunity is strong. Eat fruits, vegetables and berries. This is the main source of minerals and vitamins.
3. Variety. Remember that food should always be varied. You can not always eat the same dishes. The more varied the diet, the better for the body.

Proper nutrition is a guarantee of beauty and health.

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