How Does Smoking Affect the Woman’s Body?

Currently, many people smoke. This is a real problem, with which it is necessary to start an active struggle today and now.

If you look at the statistics, then women smoke no less than men. And this should be alarming. A woman is a future mother, in which all organs and systems should work normally.

 And what happens when a woman smokes?

The woman’s health is greatly undermined. There is no body that would not be affected by smoking. Liver, heart, lungs, reproductive function – all these organs and systems are under tremendous strain. In this case, the teeth become yellow, an unpleasant smell appears from the mouth, the hair falls out, the skin becomes flabby and saggy.

This is a real picture that occurs during the active smoking of a woman.

I want to say that you do not need to convince yourself that any disease due to smoking will not affect you. Remember that if you smoke, you are already at risk. At the same time, all members of your family are passive smokers, which is no less dangerous.

Take care of your health – quit smoking!

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