How Does the Environmental Situation in the Pregnancy?

Every woman wants to have a baby. This desire is perfectly natural. Family – is the most important thing that can be in the life of any person.

I must say that it happens that pregnancy does not always go smoothly. On it is influenced by many factors. Unfortunately, there is a factor that is independent of the woman. This ecological environment in which she lives. It must be said that scientists from America, have proved the connection of the heart malformations and toxins in the air.

So what should you do pregnant to protect her unborn child?

1. Walking. We need to spend more time outdoors. It is desirable for a walk outside the city or in the park, where a lot of trees.
2. Sun. Sunbathing during pregnancy is not necessary. This leads to reduced immunity, and in this period, it is undesirable.
3. Water. Only need to drink water of high quality. It is best to buy water which is intended for children.
4. The magnetic radiation. Try to spend less time at the computer. Talk time on the phone is also better to reduce to a minimum.

Be healthy!

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