How Formed a Tear?

Experiencing strong emotions, either positive, or negative, the person often has to face with tears.

But where did they come from?

Everything is very simple. Tears – is a product of the pair of the lacrimal gland, which are protective and antibacterial agent to our eyes. In addition, tears reflect the state of human health.

For the formation of tears, iron has a specific structure, namely three layers: a lipid top, middle and inner liquid antibacterial. The lipid layer – a layer of fat, thanks to its physical properties can tear evenly spread along its surface, to provide uniform evaporation of tears and wash the entire surface of the eye. If this layer undergoes changes, which leads to drying out of the outer shell eye that can lead to vision loss.

But before a tear will be spread by a fatty layer, it synthesizes liquid layer, which receives from layer components, which leads to formation of antibiotic, at neutral pH and almost transparent tears.

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