How harmful is sex before and after training?

Scientists have found that sex before and after training, which in the last century was considered a forbidden fruit for all athletes, in fact is not so dangerous.

Earlier it was believed that sexual relations before responsible training can affect the fact that the athlete is not able to fulfill the possible standards, and also take full advantage of his muscular potential. After all, as scientists of the last century believed, sex with the help of hormones governs our body.

Namely, while you are having sex, a certain amount of testosterone is released and a man or woman can feel some kind of fatigue or mood change, and as a result, the lower efficiency of their capabilities.

Her unsuccessful sex, can undermine the motivation and knock the athlete out of the loaded track. His thoughts will be occupied only with his own problem, which will significantly affect the concentration during his speech.

Why did scientists allow sex?

It turns out that after the research, scientists were able to draw a conclusion that does not call into question the assertion of their colleagues from the past, but at the same time introduces some corrections and additions. After all, if earlier sex was forbidden to anyone who wanted to achieve some results in the gym, they are not recommended to date, but they are not prohibited, only professional athletes who compete in the Olympics and other competitions of this magnitude are not prohibited.

The thing is that sex can only take a few tenths of a percent of the strength of the athlete, who sometimes play a decisive role in such responsible competitions as the Olympics, but are completely invisible to ordinary people engaged in the gym.

Therefore, if you think it necessary to have sex before training and feel that this will only encourage you and give an additional stimulus, then do not deny yourself such a pleasure.

Believe that if you do not compete tomorrow at the Olympics, it means you can and should be engaged in sex, because it improves one’s self-esteem and gives strength to accomplish certain victories. About the fact that sex can not be practiced before training and after it began to speak athletes who do not understand anything in the human anatomy, and because of their own laziness found a way how they do not attend training. You can find a very convenient excuse for the fact that sex prevented from coming to play sports, but now after the scientists refute such a statement, it will not happen again. Therefore, it is necessary to decide for yourself how much you want to be a professional athlete. After all, if there is nothing besides sports in your life, then refuse sex before every training and achieve your maximum results. But in case you decide to do it for yourself, do not miss the moment to join sex to all your achievements, after all it’s better mood, and this is fifty percent of success in any training, which every time leads you to the cherished dream.

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