How not to Burn in the Sun?

Everyone likes to sunbathe on the beach. Yes, this is a very good time. You can lie down and not think about nothing. However, one must always be careful because the sun can be very treacherous.

So, if at the beach to spend a lot of time, you can get burnt. Besides, everyone knows that the sun has a negative effect on the skin. To avoid this, you need to follow the simple rules.

1. Sunscreen. Always use a sunscreen. It is advisable to put it back in the room.
2. Time. On the beach you need to sunbathe in the morning and evening. As for the lunch time it is better to spend in the room and a little rest. Sunbathing should be started gradually. On the first day at the beach does not need to spend more than one hour.
3. Hair. The sun and salt water have a negative impact on the condition of the hair. Try to always wear a hat or digging. After the beach, you should always wash your hair.

Lovely woman, if you do everything right, you can get a beautiful bronze tan skin without harm to health.

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