How Not to Overeat at Night?

Many people face the problem of overeating at night. Undoubtedly, this can not be done. But in moments of hunger, no one thinks about it. The problem is that the person eats during the day wrong. At night you need to fill in all the gaps.

So what should you do to avoid overeating at night?

1. Breakfast. In no case can not be excluded breakfast. The first meal is very important for the body.
2. Protein. Include in your menu more protein. This means that in the diet should be present more than cheese, meat, cheese.
3. Less portion. Make a batch of slightly less. But, thus, often eat. Since the body is easier to digest food.
4. Sweets. At night, always want to eat something sweet. Only this does not necessarily have a sweet candy. It is much wiser to drink yogurt or eat dried fruit.
5. Dinner. The last meal should be up to 6 hours of sleep. Thereafter, no food – Take you the setting for the rule.

If during the day to eat properly, in the evening the feeling of hunger will not haunt you.

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