How Not to Overeat?

In anticipation of the holidays everyone thinks about this question – how not to overeat? This issue is of concern to many, because you always want to try every dish and something tasty. As a result, the person feels a sense of gravity and overeating. Often it may be heartburn. To all this there was no need to know a few simple rules.

So, let’s learn a few tips on the theme – how not to overeat on holiday?

1. Water. For 30 minutes before a meal to drink a glass of water. You can add a little lemon juice.
2. Snacks. Eating should always begin with a light snack.
3. Restrictions. Do not eat fried and smoked food. It is of no benefit for the figure. It is important to give up salads with mayonnaise.
4. Rush. You do not need to rush out and absorb one dish after another. Chew your food thoroughly.
5. Pause. During the meal, you need to pause. The brain is not immediately sends a signal about saturation.
6. Calories. Always calculate the amount of calories that you eat. This will save you from excess centimeters at the waist.

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