How should I Eat to Lose Weight do not Have to?

071220166Every woman wants to be charming at any age. Of course, first of all it concerns the figure. Nobody wants to be fat woman. But to avoid this, you need to eat foods that will fight against excess weight.

So, how to eat properly, to not have to lose weight in the future?

1. Leaves. Large portions of your meal should take green leaves. Green has always been beneficial for human health. This can be: dill, parsley, cilantro, lettuce, rukolla.
2. Bright fruit. Eat as many fruits of different colors. They will protect you from various diseases and strengthen the immune system.
3. Meat and fish. Eat lean meat and fish. Eat those who used to be a hunter.
4. Fast food at home. If you can not give up the fast food then cook it yourself. It will be much more useful. In addition, you will soon get tired of messing around with rolls and you drop this venture once and for all.
5. Bread. White bread can be eaten only in rare cases. Every day is best to eat wholemeal bread.

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