How should I Use Mascara?

301120162Morning every woman begins as usual: morning procedures and applying makeup. It is necessary to approach this matter very seriously. Beauty woman – is its main weapon.

So, let’s see how well paint eyelashes?

1. Layers. Total should be in moderation. If applied to the eyelashes a lot of ink, it does not look nice and natural. In addition, after the time it can begin to crumble because of what under-eye dark circles are formed.
2. Shelf life. Do not use ink, which has expired shelf life. This can cause inflammation and irritation.
3. Sudden movement. Dyeing eyelashes to gently and movements should be smooth. If this is not done, the brush structure will quickly be broken.
4. Rush. You can never rush when applying makeup. One careless move, and will need to stick lashes.
5. Painting. It is best to paint the lashes from root to tip. It will look beautiful and natural.

As you can see, a beautiful woman can be. The main thing is to make this a minimum of effort.

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