How to Apply Beautiful Makeup?

1811201611The morning begins the same way many women – applying make-up before going to work. It is a ritual that should never be missed. This is due to the fact that using cosmetics can hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity.

But be that as it was not every woman can make mistakes when applying makeup. So let’s deal with the question in more detail, in order not to be trapped.

1. The black eyebrow pencil. Thin eyebrows has long been out of fashion. Now more relevant broad brow. In addition, they must natural shape and color.
2. Tanning. This tool is no longer popular. Sunburn should be either naturally, or absent altogether.
3. Blush. Blush should always be used for other purposes (applying to the cheeks).
4. Lipstick. The dark shades of lipstick are more suitable for evening makeup. As for the daily make-up, it is best to give preference to lighter tones.
5. Measure. In carrying out any business – you need to know when to stop. Makeup should always be appropriate and accurate.

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