How to Avoid Childhood Obesity

14111617Many parents, under any pretext forced to eat their children, believing that they eat very little.

But to do that, you should not, because as the child’s body consumes the amount of food, which is enough for a child’s development.

In recent years, many countries, doctors are sounding the alarm about childhood obesity, which in the future can lead to serious illness, requiring long-term treatment.

To this did not happen and your child to have a normal weight, you must balance his diet, while reducing the amount of consumption of flour and confectionery products, and completely eliminate high-calorie harmful foods such as french fries, potato chips, hamburgers and sodas.

The best breakfast for the child is porridge, it is desirable to buckwheat or oats, as well as boiled egg and juice squeezed from fresh fruit. We should not forget about dairy products as well as a large calcium content helps to strengthen the skeletal system that is so necessary in childhood.

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