How to Avoid Depression After Retirement

Many people after reaching retirement age go on a holiday, depressed, and even those who were looking forward to this moment, when they will have free time.

In most cases, it depends on the person, if some citizens after retirement try to travel more, to attend various cultural events, lead an active lifestyle, while others, on the contrary, withdrawn into themselves, feel a sense of loneliness.

In Spain, journalists conducted a survey among centenarians who were more than 80 years. When asked how they managed to keep a good physical condition, most of them answered that throughout life they have a sense of celebration was present in the soul.

In addition, becoming pensioners, they did not consider themselves useless people, while continuing to improve their knowledge. For example, one Spaniard made his first parachute jump, when she was 63 years.

In short we can say that what will be the period of life is primarily dependent on the person. Elderly experts recommend to make a to-do list, after performing which make a mark.

Conclusion: old age – this is not the end of life. If you approach the right lifestyle, exercise, read a lot and have fun, even while on a pension, you will be perfectly happy. Try to change your life now!