How to be fashionable without financial costs

Fashion trends this year are distinguished by a wide variety of varieties, so even if you have a certain unconventional taste, you can find an option that will not betray your style, but at the same time have a fashionable appearance.

There is a popular misconception that being fashionable is very expensive. And ordinary women and girls who have an average income can not afford to dress in the light of the latest trends, so their lot is content with what they have. It is generally accepted that expensive clothes from boutiques are only for the elite of the society, so it does not make sense to encroach on a stylish fashion image without much money.

But stylists say that it is not necessary to have a three-dimensional purse in order to dress beautifully and elegantly, following fashion trends. Sometimes, even with an abundance of financial resources, a person looks like a laughing stock, since he has no sense of edge, believing that the more new fashion trends he (she) will put on himself, the better.

How to outwit rich fashionistas

Designers of clothes and modern stylists in one voice trumpet that it is not necessary to chase blindly for expensive elements of clothes and accessories if they do not fit into the general view of your image.

To create your own image is quite realistic and without serious financial investments, it is enough to have an intuitive sense of balance, and also take advantage of the recommendations of experts who excel in orienting in fashionable trends and share some secrets with pleasure.

In order to repeat any image of fashionable shows, avoiding going to a branded boutique, it is enough to take into account some of the nuances. Directions that are recommended to use when creating your bow, do not do without bright colors, large prints, decor in the form of embroidery, as well as products that are not designed according to pattern patterns and are original in design.

The main accents of this season

1) Yellow color in clothes and shoes. Choosing the color gamut for your appearance, you need to pay attention to the yellow color. Any shade of this color is perfect for summer 2018. Designers with a world-wide name presented in their fashion shows the versatility of the yellow, which perfectly emphasizes the features of the figure and refreshes the complexion. Also this color is advised to use in the clothes of psychologists, since it positively influences a person’s mood, provides him with positive impressions. But in order to look stylish in yellow you need to try not to overload your image with accessories.
2) The skirt in the floor continues to conquer women of fashion all over the world. If you still have not got midi, then this season is the time to make up for the imbalance. Stylists recommend to prefer monochrome skirts of different shades, but combine them with a light, monochrome top. Also, a stylish image will be if you prefer a shirt on thin straps that have a bright print. Under such an outfit, boats with thin heels or ballet shoes are ideal.
3) Embroidered ornaments. Designers could not leave this kind of decor last season and took it with them in the summer of 2018. Absolutely any element of the wardrobe will have a more elegant stylish appearance, if it embroidered any patterns – flowers, geometric shapes, abstraction and so on. Do not also avoid shoes that have embroidery. You will look mega-stylish, if you buy short pants with embroidery. But it must be borne in mind that any embroidered element can not be harmoniously combined with the way in which decorations predominate, therefore it is better to refuse accessories altogether.
4) Shortened jackets will not only provide warmth and comfort on a cool summer evening, but will also give the appearance of fresh fashionable accents. Many designers demonstrated in their shows worshiping this element of the wardrobe.

They can be combined with midi skirts, short pants, jeans and shorts. Even a feminine silk dress perfectly matches the pilot’s jacket, making the image more bold and daring. Such an image can be used both in everyday life and when creating a professional business style.

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