How to Become a Lark?

If you believe the statistics, now more and more people prefer to lead a nocturnal lifestyle. There are reasons for this – the presence of a computer. Because of his presence in the house, going to bed earlier than usual is very problematic.

By the way, everyone knows that you need to wake up early in the morning. But, if a person went to bed far after midnight, then this can not be a question. But there is good news, getting up early in the morning and becoming a “lark” is possible. What is needed for this?

1. Rest. Dedicate the evening to rest. This means that you must take a walk before going to bed. About work at the computer can not go and speeches.
2. Mode. Go to bed and wake up at a certain time. The most favorable hours are 22.00 and 7.00.
3. Alarm clock. Put the alarm clock a little farther from the bed. To turn it off you must go up. It will be a bit lazy, but it’s only at the very beginning.
4. The ascent. After waking up, you can not stay in bed for long. This leads to the fact that you can fall asleep again. But this should not be allowed.

Dear guests, being a “lark” is much steeper than an “owl”.

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