How to Become a Slender Woman?

021220162Every woman wants to be attractive to the opposite sex. But what do you do if you do not always succeed?

1. Eating. Before eating a network, you should always drink a glass of water. For example, you eat a lot less.
2. Green tea. Green tea helps burn fat. Besides, there are many antioxidants.
3. Hot pepper. When cooking, use hot peppers. It contains substances that help burn fat. You can also drink tea with ginger root (the effect is the same).
4. Dinner. As for dinner, it is best to drink a glass of kefir. You never need to eat before going to sleep tight.
5. Movement. Try to move more. This can be anything: walking, cycling, swimming, dancing. In general, do what he likes.
6. Breakfast. You should never give up breakfast. You can eat whatever you want. Morning meal is important because your body needs energy supply for the whole day.
7. Portions. Eat little but often. This usually works fine. Especially, it concerns people who want to lose weight.

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