How to Become more Charming in 60 Minutes?

Those who do not always want to attract the attention of men? Most likely there are no such women. Especially a lot of them unmarried.

So how can you become beautiful in just one hour, to charm all the men at the party? The most important thing in this business more confidence and self-belief.

1. The color of your hair. If the hair has become dull, then an urgent need to enclose their color. If there is no time for hair coloring, then you need to wash them with the correct color toner. The hair will become beautiful and healthy glow. Then you can make a hairstyle that suits you the most.
2. Shower. It is important to take a shower. There is nothing more beautiful than the smell of freshness and cleanliness.
3. Makeup. Now you can go to the make-up. Always need to allocate more pronounced one thing – your eyes or lips. If you select a bright and even more, you’ll look ridiculous.
4. Clothing. Always high heels and a dress. In this dress you will always look stunning.
5. Perfume. Finally you need to use your favorite flavor, perfect to complete your look.

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