How to Behave at a Party?

051220164Man lives in the society, so we need to know how to conduct themselves in it. We live in a society, we want it or not. In addition, each of us at least once went to visit.

So, how to behave at a party?

1. Without knocking. You can never go to strangers without knocking. It is considered bad form.
2. Talk. Always try to keep the conversation going, but you never interrupt his interlocutors. Respect all people who are members of the conversation. Everyone has the right to express their opinion.
3. Subject. Not the best topics of conversation are: personal failure, illness, gossip. You do not need to talk about people who are not present with you at the event.
4. Jokes. No need to constantly make jokes and tell jokes. Total should be in moderation.
5. Dancing. If you are dancing, you as a guest are required to dance with the hostess and her daughter.
6. Care. If you need to leave earlier than everyone else, apologize before the mistress, but do not need to focus on this attention.

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