How to Behave During Diseases Influenza

Today, people are afraid of losing their jobs, so some people who have symptoms of flu even observed, not issued a medical certificate, and continue to work.

Thus, they are not only subjected to the organism possibilities of complications, but also infect colleagues, which, in turn, also spread the infection, causing an epidemic occurs.

Therefore, at the first signs of the disease, it is necessary to adhere to bed rest.

After the advent of the Internet, where one can get any information, some people set themselves on their own diagnosis and prescribe a course of treatment, thus, consume antibiotics, which can not be done. The fact that the reception of such drugs if they were not assigned a doctor, do more harm than good.

The temperature is below 38 degrees, it is not recommended to reduce by means of tablets, since at this time the body itself fights with the virus, and consuming drugs, we greatly reduces their immunity.

With increased body temperature, it is strictly forbidden to take a hot bath, sauna and too warm shelter.

In fact, current capabilities allow effectively fight any manifestations of viral diseases. However, if you do not want to harm their own health, it is necessary to seek help from a doctor who will do an exam and prescribe appropriate treatment.