How to Behave in the Heat?

In hot weather, it’s hard for everyone – people, animals, birds and even the smallest worms. It seems that the heat just kills all life. But, if you behave correctly, you can survive it much easier.

1. Water. Drink more water. In hot weather, the body needs water.
2. Stay indoors. In the hottest time (after dinner) are indoors. Try not to go out. Plan your day correctly.
3. Shower. If possible, take a shower more often. Cleansing the skin of sweat will help her to breathe more effectively.
4. Movement. In the early morning try to do a warm-up. Movement will help to avoid exacerbation of many diseases in the heat (hypertension).
5. Diet. Try to revise your diet. Refuse from fatty dishes. Eat more fresh fruits, greens, berries.
6. Clothes. In hot weather, you need to dress properly. All clothing must be natural. Synthetic fabrics do not allow our skin to breathe normally.

You can survive the heat. In this issue, the main thing is to understand what and how to do.


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