How to Behave to Allergy Sufferers?

At present, the number of allergies is very much increased. No one knows the true cause of this pathology. But no matter how it was, the doctors do not sit idle. They developed rules for how to behave to people with an allergic reaction.

1. Cleaning. Every day (during an exacerbation of the disease) spend in the house wet cleaning. This will reduce the amount of allergen in the air.
2. Shower. After you come from a walk, be sure to take a shower. Such a procedure will help to wash off pollen particles from your bodies. In addition, do not forget to wash your nose and throat with water.
3. Airing. Often ventilate the room. Only on the open window you need to hang wet gauze. With its help it will be possible to control the penetration of pollen into the house.
4. Air conditioning. Buy an air conditioner. With it, you can protect your house from pollen.
5. Refusal from bad habits. Refuse bad habits, because they only aggravate the course of the disease.

These are practical tips for every day. As for the treatment, you need to contact a specialist!

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