How to Boost Immunity in children

161116615Perhaps the biggest problem for parents is when a child is sick, and with the arrival of winter, when influenza viruses are more common and enhanced the likelihood of cold-related diseases, such cases are becoming more frequent.

In order that the child was healthy always, much depends on its immune system, which can be enhanced by observing certain rules.

First, we should pay attention to nutrition. To do this properly balance his diet, include more dairy products, fruits and vegetables, but you can replace the sweetness of honey, dried apricots, figs and home-made marmalade.

In addition, it is necessary as much as possible outdoors to happen, and depending on the weather, take, for example, a ball, a bike and other items that can help you organize active games.

Before the onset of winter, it is necessary to temper the child, but to do it gradually so that the body could adapt. Sleep for children is very important, because at this time of resting the brain and produced material to resist disease.

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