How to Bring your Nails in Order?

Probably, every woman at least once in my life came across the fact that the skin of the hands and the condition of the nails are simply in a terrible state. It should be noted that there can be many reasons for this (beriberi, work without gloves). In this case, you want to understand what to do in order to improve the situation ?!

1. Gloves. When doing any kind of work – wear gloves. In this case, they must be properly selected. Sometimes it is best to use rubber (wet cleaning), and sometimes woven – cleaning the local area.
2. Oils. To restore the code of hands, you need oils. It can be olive or linseed oil. Cream in this situation is not an assistant.
3. Nails. To bring the nails to normal, you need a master. I would like to say that it is best to perform the hardware manicure, since it is more effective. Contact the beauty salon to get a manicure done. After the procedure, it is desirable to use a firming varnish.

Dear women, be beautiful under all circumstances! Watch your appearance!

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