How to Care for Skin in the Fall?

In the autumn of the skin is necessary to provide good care. This is due to the fact that the weather is changing: it begins to rain the wind. Bad weather has a negative effect on the skin. She may begin to peel off or on the rash appears.

To avoid this you need to with the onset of autumn to act immediately.

So in any skin care needs in the fall?

1. Cleaning. Clean the skin must be regularly. We note only that you need to use a soft tool, not to irritate the delicate skin of the face.
2. Make-up. Before going out on the street you need to make up. Be sure to use the tonal foundation that protects the skin.
3. Nourishing Cream. Before bed, apply on face nourishing cream that contains vitamins.
4. The thermal water. If you feel that there was a sensation of tightness of the skin, then it is necessary to use thermal water. It should be in every woman’s handbag all year round.
5. Hand Cream. To use the hand cream with lanolin. It is perfectly softens the skin.
6. Lipstick. In cold weather, always use hygienic lipstick.

These simple tips will always be irresistible!

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