How to Care for Skin in Winter?

Every woman watching their skin condition. However, in the winter, many of us are faced with many difficulties (peeling, redness).
This is due to the fact that women make mistakes in the care. Winter and summer skin care is substantially different.

How to properly care for your skin in winter?

1. Wash. Can not be used for washing is very hot or cold water. The skin is very responsive to changes in temperature. Make sure that the water was warm. In addition, the skin in the winter need more intensively moisturizing. To do this, use a special gel and a cream. In addition, water is excessively dry the skin out of the tap. For these purposes the use of filtered water.
2. Before going to bed. At night, be sure to apply a nourishing cream. In winter, the skin of such care is a must.
3. Out of the street. Before you go outside, apply sunscreen on the face. Makeup can be applied on top. Note that you can never exit to the street wet face. The consequences can be just awful.

As you can see, the winter maintenance is not as complicated. If everything is done correctly, the 12 months of the year you’ll look great!

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