How to Choose a Perfume?

2911201610Every woman uses perfume. This is due to the fact that each of us wants to emphasize their individuality. With flavor to do easier.

But now when choosing a perfume you need to be especially careful. The thing is that now there is a set of fakes. In order not to get into trouble, use our advice.

1. Brand. Purchase perfumes at specialty stores. The head of the outlet at the first request, shall provide the quality certificate and license.
2. Shelf life. perfume shelf life is one year. In addition, the storage conditions must be clearly demonstrated (humidity, temperature). On the market it is unlikely that one of these parameters is maintained.
3. Price. Good quality product and can never be cheap. Do not think that someone arranges charity events.
4. Packing. Packaging must always be marketable. You do not need to trust the sellers, the packaging crumpled during transportation. None of the world-famous nonsense will not risk their name.

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