How to Confirm the Pregnancy?

Each couple is looking forward to when the offspring will be in the family. This point can be described as the most happy, because a pair of procreation appears.

But how can you confirm that the woman is actually pregnant?

1. A pregnancy test. The easiest and best option – it is a pregnancy test. It can be purchased at the pharmacy and do at home. Although doctors believe that he had a large proportion of error.
2. Chorionic gonadotropin. Under laboratory conditions can be tested for HCG. This figure is increasing rapidly with the onset of pregnancy. The method is quite accurate.
3. Ultrasound. You can always go to the clinic and do an ultrasound. If the pregnancy is, in the cavity of the uterus it will be seen fertilized egg.
4. Inspection of the chair. The gynecologist can determine pregnancy by uterine size. Only this can be done at a later date.

As you can see, the methods to confirm the presence of pregnancy are many. Each woman chooses the one that considers more convenient and optimal.

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