How to Cope with a Headache?

Many women not by hearsay know what a headache. At this time, the whole world just is not nice. It is very difficult to concentrate on anything.

Undoubtedly, in such moments, everyone drinks a pill that will remove the symptoms. Very few people people will find out the true cause of these pains. But this is a private matter.

But we should not forget that there are alternative methods of dealing with a headache.

1. Relaxation. Try to relax. This means that you need to turn off the TV, the lights and try to relax. Lie down a little in the dark.
2. Smell. The scent of rosemary will help to cope with a headache. To do this, apply a little oil drops on the temples.
3. Tea. Brew a soothing tea. The composition may include meat tea, lemon balm.
4. Massage. Make massage. C can be improved using this procedure circulation.
5. Breath. Try to learn how to breathe correctly. Breathing should be smooth and deep.

Try to follow these simple rules. Many of these methods to help cope with the pain.

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