How to Cope with a Vitamin Deficiency?

Very soon the spring comes. This is a wonderful time of year. During this period, the nature wakes up.

But it will be then. Now the window a dull winter, which means that many people experience a lack of vitamins. Their deficiency negatively affects the health, general well-being and mood. But be that as it did not need to deal with this condition.

So, what to do, that would deal with beriberi?

1. Power. Eat fruits and vegetables. Choose plants bright colors. Pumpkin, citrus fruits, beets – it is not the whole list of products that can safely eat. It is equally important to your overall diet was varied.
2. Sun. Try more likely to happen on the sun, is not it better in the body produces vitamin D.
3. Sport. Do not ignore the sports training. This will help improve your mood and look at life with a smile.

As you can see, a vitamin deficiency can be overcome. And as soon as the sun starts to shine brightly, it is the problem no one to remember. It remains to wait quite a bit!

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