How to Cope with Brittle Nails?

Every woman wants to have beautiful nails. Hands are always in sight, so the skin of the hands and the condition of the nails should be ideal. But not always everything happens as you want. The nails will break down, puff up.

In general, the problem was always urgent. So, let’s look at how to achieve nail health.

1. Nutrition. Pay attention to your diet. Eat correctly. Meat, fish, dairy products, greens – should always be present in the diet.
2. Calcium. Drink calcium. It is best to choose a tablet with vitamin D3. So suction will be easier. As for the nails, the calcium will help to strengthen them and make them stronger.
3. Coating with gel. Sometimes the nails need to be covered with gel. So the native nail will be easier to grow and gain strength. In any beauty salon master of manicure can do it.
4. Homework. All homework must be done in rubber gloves. Modern means of household chemicals are very aggressive and negatively affect the beauty of nails.

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