How to Cope with Candida?

Every woman at least once faced such a nuisance as candidiasis. About this problem is not to say out loud, because it is considered shameful. But let us look at the reasons for the appearance of the disease and its prevention?

1. Antibiotics. One of the common causes of yeast infection – can serve as a long-term use of antibiotics. After receiving their immune system becomes weak.
2. Hormonal disorders. If the body is irregular production of hormones, the candidiasis may occur on this background.
3. Diabetes. Candidiasis in these patients – it is not uncommon.
4. Stress. After a stressful situation Candidiasis can manifest itself fully.

Now let’s move on to the next question – what are the symptoms of yeast infection are the most common?

Women distinguish the following symptoms often include itching, pain during intercourse, cheesy discharge from the genital tract and the smell of sour milk.

Lovely woman, love and respect yourself. At the first signs of the disease – refer to a gynecologist!

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