How to Cope with Cellulite?

Cellulite is the problem that many modern women face. An orange peel forms on the hips. It should be noted that many women are complex about this. On the beach it is very embarrassing to undress, when the skin is covered with small dents.

To get rid of this problem, it is not enough to perform only cosmetic procedures. In this case, an integrated approach is required. So, where to start?

1. Nutrition. Set the power mode. This means that the diet should be dominated by simple and regular foods (vegetables, fruits, low-fat meat and fish).
2. Sport. To cellulite began to retreat, go in for sports, visit the pool. In a word, muscles should always be in good shape.
3. Procedures. As for the procedures, this is just an auxiliary action. Each woman can apply to the problem zone different creams.
4. Massage. Massage is also a good way to cope with the problem.

Finally I want to say that it is best to use not one method, but all. An integrated approach is very important.

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