How to Cope with Dandruff?

Now more and more people are faced with such a problem as dandruff. This is quite unpleasant when something white comes off the head, similar to snow.

In this regard, I want to report a very effective way that will help get rid of dandruff once and for all.

So, the cause of dandruff is a fungus. Once it is removed, the dandruff will go away and will never appear again.

Now the question arises – how to do this? Undoubtedly, a lot of dandruff shampoos are on the market. If you believe advertising, then after the first application of dandruff will not remain a trace. Unfortunately, this does not always happen.

What do trichologists advise? Doctors have a slightly different approach to this problem!

You need to take a bottle of shampoo (absolutely any) and add antifungal tablets to it (in the pharmacy you will immediately announce the name of the drug). Those same tablets need to be crushed and added to the shampoo.

Now, prepared shampoo, you need to wash your head as it gets dirty. After the shampoo is finished in the vial, the course can be completed. From dandruff will not remain a trace!

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