How to Cope with Depression in the Spring?

No one is immune from depression. The most common manifestation of it – this feeling fatigue, back pain, lack of appetite, constant anxiety, depression and irritability. Unquestionably, each person can add even any symptoms. But these are more common.

So how do you overcome depression?

1. A sufficient amount of oxygen. Learn how to breathe properly. This will help to saturate the body with oxygen. In addition, you can often walk in the street, and to ventilate the room in which sleep. These methods are even more effective.
2. Diet. Eat foods that are called antidepressants (fish, milk, green vegetables, potatoes). It is also possible to use products more often bright colors, because it will help improve your mood.
3. Pleasure. Do what you want and like. Learn how to live happily. Ride a bike, go shopping, go on holiday – the list is endless.

As you can see, depression is very easy to handle. The main thing is to want it and to make at least a modicum of effort.

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