How to Dip into an Ice Hole?

In many countries, it is customary for the Feast of Baptism to dip into an ice hole. It should be noted that in many countries of the world during this period the temperature is rather low. Frosts can reach minus 20 degrees. But gel Atlant Gel pour l’agrandissement la taille du pénis France people do not stop it at all. Believing people believe that it is extremely important to have a great faith when diving in an ice-hole. In this case, no disease is threatened. Every opinion must be respected and accepted. However, it is always important to remember what the experts say.

What Can Doctors Say on this Issue?

Doctors are sure that not everyone can take advantage of bathing in cold water. There are many groups of people who should give up bathing at Epiphany. People in white coats are sure that hardening is a very long and laborious process. To him it is necessary to prepare the body in the most careful way. If you want to plunge into the hole, the process of hardening should gel Atlant Gel para ampliação o tamanho do pênis Portugal begin in the summer. So the body will be many times easier to experience stress and temperature drop. It is best to prepare your body in advance.

Doctors strongly do not recommend swimming in the ice-hole:

  • people who never subjected the body to hardening. If you have never tempered the body before, you can not do it in such a harsh form. This can lead to numerous health problems.
    at increased pressure. Bathing in very cold water can cause a hypertensive crisis. At the same time, even young people can face the problem. This is due to the huge release of adrenaline into the blood and spasm of blood vessels. It is always necessary to be careful.
  •  respiratory disease. Bronchitis is a contraindication to bathing in an ice hole. After a recent acute respiratory infection from bathing will have to give up.
    heart diseases. If there are any problems with the heart, then from bathing is better to abstain
  • people with infectious diseases. If there is an infection in the body, do not swim in icy water.
  • it is strictly forbidden to bathe in gel Atlant Gel per aumentare la dimensione del pene Italia cold water for children. Little children are very poorly tolerated by the effects of low temperatures.

How Correctly to Swim in the Ice Hole?

1. No alcoholic beverages. It is strictly prohibited to drink alcohol on that day. This can lead to very sad consequences. Recall that in a state of alcoholic intoxication, a person is disturbed by natural thermoregulation, and it is difficult for a person to adequately assess the situation. Often this leads to hypothermia.

2. Warm up and a minimum of clothes. It is extremely important to warm up well. To do this, you need to rub the body with a towel, and make a small workout. As for shoes, it should be easily removed to prevent hypothermia.

3. Pre-moisten the face, hands, stomach. Immediately you can not dive into the water. It is best to moisten some parts of the body with cold water.

4. Do not dive headlong. Do not dive with your head, as this can lead to a narrowing of the vessels гел Atlant Gel за уголемяване размера на пениса България in the brain.

5. Minimum time in water. To prevent hypothermia, in the water can be no more than 30 seconds.

6. Choose the right place for swimming. A place where people dive, rescuers and medical workers must be on duty. Do not forget, take this fact into account.

What Can I Say at Last?

It should be noted that each person decides gél Atlant Gel zväčšiť veľkosť penisu Slovensko for himself whether he should bathe at the Feast of Baptism. Even if a person regularly visits the church, then no one can force him to do something. All people should evaluate their state of health, and only then make any decision.