How to Eat Fruit?

It is no secret that fruits need to eat for everyone. This is because they contain a lot of vitamins, are essential for normal human activity.

But it is worth noting that few people thought about how to properly eat vegetables. This is a serious matter enough because the body can not always absorb all the nutrients. To everything went as it should, it is important to eat fruit at a certain time and the right combination with other dishes.

1. Fruit – it is not a dessert. Most often people used to eat this or that fruit after the main meal. But it’s not right. If one does so, then most likely, it may be heartburn and bloating.
2. 30 minutes before a meal. It is best to eat fruit before a meal (about 30-40 minutes before a meal). Even fruit can be used as a snack. It is tasty, useful, and any excess weight.
3. Before going to bed. Before you go to bed, the fruit no better than it is, since it can cause anxiety during sleep.

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