How to Eat Future Mothers?

Every woman is looking forward to the birth of her child. Everyone wants to give birth to a strong, healthy and strong baby. Only for this purpose it is necessary to give sufficient attention to the ration.

So, what kind of food should be in pregnant women?

1. Dairy products. In order for pregnancy to proceed normally, dairy products must be eaten daily. They contain calcium, which is so necessary for mother and baby.
2. Porridge. The morning should start with porridge. It contains a lot of nutrients (carbohydrates fiber vitamins).
3. Fruits and vegetables. Every day you need to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Apples, bananas, pumpkins, blueberries, blackberries – all this you need to eat every day. A strong and healthy mother is the guarantee of good health for a future baby.
4. Fish and meat. Undoubtedly, a pregnant woman without a squirrel can not do without. Prefer low-fat varieties of fish and meat.

However, do not forget that there are a lot of products that should not be eaten by pregnant women.

During pregnancy, you need to give up: coffee, alcohol, fatty, smoked dishes, sweets, strawberries, citrus.

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