How to Enlarge Breasts?

how-to-enlarge-breasts-2Hello everybody! Today we will see an interesting topic and sensitivity, which is of concern to many women – breast augmentation.

Within this publication we will try to tell you what techniques can help solve the problem, if necessary in this necessity and at all realistic to increase a breast without health consequences? To find out all these controversies, we decided to find out as much detail all the subtleties of the issue and figure out the basic details that should be emphasized.

Why increase the breast?

how-to-enlarge-breasts-3Many girls are very eager to have a magnificent bust, but be careful not to go under the surgeon’s scalpel or drink hormonal tablets. For this reason, they often ask themselves the question: why bother trying to change what nature has given us? In fact, this theme has both positive and negative points.

On the one hand, you are right: if nature endowed you these forms, it is possible does not make sense at all to change anything. But it is important to understand that this must come to terms not only you, but your man, as well as close friends. It’s no secret that every man wants to have a woman with large breasts. No, this does not mean that men are chasing the bust and is the most important characteristic of beauty in a woman. However, psychologists have repeatedly argued that women with large breasts have a higher chance of finding a guy and start a relationship.

Therefore, if you and your man is comfortable with this feature of your body, it is likely that you do not need to change. However, very often it is a small breast is a cause for ridicule and mockery of men. Some women are painfully react to it and are willing to do anything to correct this defect. That is why, if you belong to this category, it is likely that you will have to finish reading this article until the end.

Disadvantages small breasts

how-to-enlarge-breasts-4By itself, a small chest is not any deviation or physiological problem, so if you just such a bust – can not worry about their own health. However, this feature of your body can have several serious drawbacks, which we describe now.

Psychology. It is obvious that small breast provokes a huge amount of psychological problems. Around the age of 14-15 in girls starts to form this body. When she notices that her friends the same age already have some form in the zone of cleavage, and she is still there only the nipples, the first having psychological problems. According to psychologists, it actively contributes to the environment. For example, very often produced by an inferiority complex because of the ridicule girlfriends, whom nature endowed large breasts. Girl with small breasts starts to feel not the same as the others and so shy of his own body. It is characterized by oppression to go with other girls in a shower or change clothes in the locker room of the sports club. But the biggest problem small tits brings in relationships between men and women. We have already talked about the fact that men are especially isolated the female organ of the body among all the others. Perhaps it is formed from them through the TV and the media, which are constantly on the covers of magazines glimpses of beauty with big sisyami. Some psychologists argue that such attention to a woman’s breasts and even due to genetic characteristics and the evolution of the male body, which is the subconscious gives men understand that women with large breasts could potentially give birth and bring up children. That is why, when the man at the first intimacy removes the bra and see there is not what he used to see on TV, it may be some discrepancy. Some men take this defect and try not to pay attention to him, but there are those who are beginning to make jokes on the subject or mocking a woman. Naturally, this can greatly upset the woman and cause severe depression. Often there are situations when, after such an unsuccessful sexual experience of girls are starting to become closed in themselves and do not agree on a new relationship. That is why, in order not to experience such sensations, they are ready for any extreme, only to decide their delicate problem.

Physiological. Despite the fact that small breasts does not affect the health of the woman, she still may have some physiological disadvantage. This applies to the time when a woman becomes pregnant and gives birth to a child. Obviously, the female breast is a reservoir for the mother’s milk, which is very important for the newborn. The more this “reservoir”, they will be more milk in women, and the longer it will be able to feed your baby the most natural product. Doctors say that children who had the lactation period of more than 6 months, have a stronger immune system and less prone to various diseases. From this point of view, the desire to increase their breast looks not only like a normal female whim, but also concern about the health of their future children.

Today, modern medicine has long figured out all the reasons that affect the development of female secondary sex characteristics. In particular, small breasts is a consequence of the prevalence in the body of the male hormone testosterone and a lack of the female hormone estrogen. In addition, quite often the small size of the bust is the result of genetic features of a constitution, as well as poorly developed pectoral muscles.
There are several ways to solve this problem. All of them can be divided into two types – operational and non-surgical.

Operating methods

how-to-enlarge-breasts-5Modern plastic surgeons have ample opportunity to make your breasts perfectly regular shape and size that you want for yourself. However, we would not recommend you right now hurry to collect the money for plastic surgery. This procedure is quite effective, however, is accompanied by a lot of different side effects. Therefore, before applying to the clinic of plastic surgery, it is better to think several times.

One of the most important benefits of plastic surgery breast augmentation is the fact that you can solve your problem quickly. Just a few hours the surgeon will insert your silicone implants under the skin and give the desired shape of the bust. But all is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.

First, a foreign body in the form of implants can always be detached body for one reason or another.

Secondly, any surgical intervention followed by anesthesia and this extra burden on the body and the nervous system. When the operation depends on your life, then these risks are justified, but when you go under anesthesia just to increase his own chest, then it is not very rational.

Third, after each operation you will have to undergo a period of rehabilitation. You will have to drink a special painkillers to relieve pain as long as the damaged skin tissue to repair. In this case, you will be limited in movement and will need to constantly go to your surgeon to observe the process of rehabilitation and in a timely manner to correct certain defects.

Fourthly, the cost is very high plastic surgery. If you have the money, it is better to spend it on recreation and leisure, than a risky and dangerous operation.
From all this it is evident that the best way to increase the breast using a non-invasive means.

Non-surgical methods

This option is more acceptable and safe, but here too it is necessary to choose a suitable complex, which will be useful to you.

For example, the use of hormone pills, which are often used by women for breast enlargement may be even more dangerous than plastic surgery, although potentially it is classified as non-surgical techniques. That is why, before you expose your body to such risks, try simpler methods that are most often recommended to make some progress in your question.

Gymnastics for breast augmentation. Since the breast of a woman – it’s not just the milk container but also the muscle, to make some progress in the development is possible by means of simple physical exercises. In fact, it is a very efficient method that will really help you progress and develop his own chest. For example, many specialists in mammalogy say that a good exercise for the development of the female breast is a push from the floor. This, at first glance, a rather simple exercise, actually has a positive effect on the development of the bust. The fact is that with this exercise, you will activate the most natural process of blood flow to the pectoral muscle, allowing it to effectively develop and increase in volume. Especially useful for this exercise to women who have recently given birth and went through a period of lactation. Of course, to make you a sex bomb is not able to exercise, but give a certain tone of the breast is quite real.
Oil of hops. Some experts recommend the use of essential oil of hops as an additional means to increase the volume of the bust. While the effectiveness of this method has not yet been proven, but you can try. In principle, the hop oil is quite safe, so you risk nothing, if the strike several times in the chest this product. The only recommendation – before applying the hop oil it is best to take a shower with cold water to activate the flow of blood to the body.
Vacuum pump. This is one of the most controversial choices. The technique is that of creating a vacuum in the breast is theoretically possible to provoke the flow of blood and its gradually increasing. Today, many manufacturers offer such pomp, but we do not recommend using them because they do not fully understood how the vacuum space can affect breast development.
Food. There are many myths about that for a large bust should eat a lot of cabbage and drink beer or eat raw dough. Again, this is all on the level of rumors and speculation, so we strongly recommend you to such a scenario, we can not.

So, let’s sum up the interim results, where we are trying to find the best way for breast enlargement. On the one hand, the guaranteed result can only give plastic surgery or hormonal treatments. On the other hand, the use of these techniques involve various risks and many women are simply not available due to the high cost. If we talk about non-surgical procedures, there is the potential to help exercise and hop oil, but these, too, only in theory.

It turns out that so far we have not found the best and safest method of how to make your breasts bigger? In fact, we still need to consider the one way, which is not mentioned in this article. This is a new cosmetics, which created a furor in the world market of products for women’s health and beauty. We are talking about the cream, which is called Bust Size.

What it is?

To begin with, that the desire to create something similar occurred at the beauticians for a long time. For about the last 15 years they have carried out a lot of different clinical studies and trials, trying to bring a universal formula that could help millions of women around the world to solve their problems without risk to health and a high probability of success. After a series of unsuccessful experiments a year ago Bust Size was created.

According to the manufacturer, this is the cream is by far one of the most effective means for the non-surgical breast augmentation. Around 95% of cases it helps not only to bring a woman’s breast in tone, but also increases its size. Among other positive effects that have been seen by many experts and consumers when using this gel, it can be called an improvement of the skin, stretch marks and wrinkles, lifting effect, as well as many others. But let’s try to study everything in order.

Cream Bust Size (or Breast Size) includes a specific set of specialized natural ingredients that contribute to the effective impact on the skin and pectoral muscle, provide blood flow and an increase in the size of the female bust. Given that this gel really helps achieve the unique visible results, there are no harmful ingredients in its composition. It contained only completely organic and natural products, extracts from plants and eco extracts.

The most important component is the deoksimiroestrol. It is perceived by the body as estrogen and causes your breasts to increase in size. In addition, the composition has several additional substances such as essential oils, Mirifika Pueraria root, and so on.

According to reviews by experts and buyers, after about 14-30 days of daily use of this cream you will see the first positive results. Your breasts will become more elastic, the effect disappears sagging, as well as significantly increase the size.

The method of using this cream is very simple and clear to absolutely everyone. You need to order a set of Bust Size and start using it at home. The manufacturer recommends that this means 2 times a day – morning and before bedtime. To do this, you need to clean skin, apply a small amount of the cream, gently rub it and wait until the gel is completely absorbed into the skin.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the product has no contraindications to use. You can use it since 18 years, and even after the end of a period of lactation after giving birth.

Key Benefits Bust Size:

• The product has been clinically tested.
• When it is used only making the highest quality and safe components, which do not cause allergic reactions, and do not have deleterious effects on the skin.
• Patented formula provides about 95% efficiency, which is a very good indicator. Note also the fact that this cream can be used in the home, and it is very convenient for those who can not attend a special beauty salons.
• Stable results. Despite the fact that the first visible results will have to wait about two weeks, use of the gel is more effective than other means. The fact that your breasts after reaching a certain size does not decrease again when you stop using the cream.

Summing up: At the moment, the female breast has become a symbol of beauty and sexuality. You can try to get along with small breasts and constantly feel their own inferiority, but you can solve the problem once and for all. Among all the tools and techniques available to modern women to increase breast size, the most effective and safe is just cream Bust Size, which is sold around the world today. Here is a list of countries which already carried out the sale of this cream:

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