How to Force yourself to Eat more Vegetables?

Now people have stopped eating fruits and vegetables. Much nicer, to eat another portion of sweets. Vegetables and fruits – this is the product that not many people like. Unfortunately, this does not benefit health. Fresh herbs, berries and fruits should be on the table of each person. Their use gives man strength and energy.

So, how can you get yourself to eat more vegetables?

1. Refrigerator. Fill the refrigerator only with useful food. If she is staying at home, then you will eat it.
2. Preparation. Try to prepare vegetables in advance. Cut them and put them in a container. If the vegetable needs to be cooked, do not be lazy. Then it can be eaten and saturated the body of the vitamin without time.
3. Breakfast. For breakfast, you also need to eat vegetables. They can be cooked with fried eggs in a frying pan. Only the best way to cook meals in olive oil. The benefits to the body from such nutrition are colossal.

As you can see, eating vegetables is not only delicious, but also convenient.

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