How to Gain Weight Right?

Now more and more women are fighting their excess weight. However, we should not forget about women who want to gain those same weight. The thing is that the woman in the underweight is not so little.

So what should you do that a little bit to get better and become more attractive?

1. Medical research. First you need to undergo a medical examination to determine whether health problems. As is well known, low weight can cause diabetes malfunction stomach and intestine, thyroid gland.
2. Heredity. Do not forget this fact, as heredity. If the mother or father were thin, then you will be difficult to gain weight.
3. Bad habits. If you choose to gain weight, then you need to give up bad habits (smoking, alcohol).
4. Fresh air. Spend more time outdoors, and not near a television or computer. It is particularly important to walk before bedtime.
5. Sleep. Do not ignore healthy sleep for 8 hours.
6. Food. Naladte food. Eat calorie (meat, fish, vegetables, fruit). Arrange snacks.

Be healthy!

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