How to Get Rid of Double Chin?

221120164Every woman, regardless of age, wants to look attractive. However, with age, many women are faced with such a problem as a double chin. It does not look very attractive. Double chin instantly gives the woman’s age, and this can not be tolerated.

In this regard, many of the fair sex, are struggling with this problem.

So, what to do to get rid of double chin?

1. Posture. It is important always to keep your back flat. If you follow this simple rule, the second chin will never be. Chest forward, head up, the blades are reduced – that this should be the posture of each woman. Stoop nobody decorates.
2. Massage. Problem areas should be regularly massaged. Massage can be done independently. Now, there are many effective techniques to help cope with the problem.
3. Compress. Have a positive effect compresses based dough. The test contains a lot of vitamin B, which has a devastating effect on the adipose tissue.

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