How to Go through Menopause?

251120168Each woman will sooner or later face the same problem as the climax. From this does not run away and hide. This period must be ready mentally. It is important to visit a gynecologist to keep the condition under control.

So what should you do to menopause was more painless?

1. FIG. Thin women are easier to survive this period. Therefore, keep your weight control and limit the intake of sweets. But the diet should be gentle.
2. Eating. Eat small portions need. A more high-calorie food should be consumed in the morning and afternoon. For dinner, you need to eat fruits and vegetables. The vegetables contain fiber, which improves digestion.
3. Fried foods. From fatty foods should be avoided (if that you have not done before).
4. Calcium. It is important to eat foods that contain calcium. During this period, this trace element is especially important.
5. Salt. Number of salt intake should be reduced to a minimum.
6. Fish. Do not give up the use of lean fish. The fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that improve brain function.

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